The team

Cederic Fetiveau Dedomainia co-funder

Cédric Fétiveau, co-founder

Cedric is a fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and  spent 15 years in the life industry. He worked at a consulting company, a reinsurer and more recently at a large investment bank. He has overseen the implementation and development of actuarial models to manage complex pricing, risks and reporting process. More recently Cedric has been the lead structurer of dozen of longevity swaps and has extensive knowledge in the area.


Ludovic Fetiveau Dedomainia co-funder

Ludovic Fétiveau, co-founder

Ludovic spent 10 years developing FIC e-Commerce offering for an investment bank, including the FX Single dealer platform, admin tool and pre deal check controls. During this time he also  oversaw the FIC e-Commerce business activity reporting team and was in charge for sales and trader self service reporting suite.